Tuesday Tips: 3 Tips for Leading Successful Change

Many times in your career as an entrepreneur, you’ll need to make a bold change in your small business or startup. You’ll enter new markets, overhaul product lines, or step up your customer service game. When you succeed, you’ll do so against enormous odds.

More than half of business’s change initiatives fail, according to research by Greg Shea , an adjunct professor at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and co-author of a new book, Leading Successful Change (Wharton Digital, 2013).

He has spent decades helping companies implement effective change. He argues that change initiatives so often fail because most people overlook one essential factor: human behavior.

Change needs to be designed with human behavior in mind. “People generally behave in a way that makes sense to them,” Shea says. “They adapt to the environment they’re in.” If the environment doesn’t change, neither do they.

In order to create effective change, focus on your employees’ role in that effort. ” What’s the behavior that’s going to make those changes happen?” Shea says. And beyond that, what is the environment that encourages those behaviors?


To answer those questions and create effective change, try these three tips.

Source: Entrepreneur.com



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